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Mark Rothko (1903-1970) american painter, 1961. KATE ROTHKO/APIC/GETTY IMAGES

Mark Rothko is a painter who represents American abstract expressionism.

At present, paintings composed of color planes in a rectangle and the space surrounded by these paintings are recognized as masterpieces of Mark Rothko, but in the process of their maturity, other than urban and natural landscapes It is said that World War II had a great influence on him who was seeking the subject.

Nietzsche’s book “The Birth of Tragedy” was greatly influenced philosophically,

“The spiritual emptiness of modern people is due to a lack of mythology”

Thinking that, Rothko began to create paintings with the goal of “relieving the spiritual emptiness of modern people with his own work.”

Era 1903-1970 (age 66)
Genre Painting
abstract expressionism
color field painting



Born to Jewish parents in Dvinsk, Latvia, which was then Russian territory.
Anti-Semitic assault was prosperous, so he moved to America with his family.

He lost his father and lost the foundation of his life.
Became an active member of the Jewish Community Center.

Graduated from Yale University with a scholarship to study psychology.

Moved to New York.
When he accidentally visited the Art Students League, he pursued art and studied graphic design at Parsons University in 1925.

Suicide due to aortic aneurysm and trouble in life.