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The Red Thread fungus disfigures lawns in the right conditions; thunderstorms, heavy rain and warm weather combine to raise humidity levels making you, me and the lawn feel a little sticky! This is an ideal environment for fungus to grow and eat the leaves of your lovely lawn!

• It is already active in many places…
Rain and warmth will increase humidity and therefore the severity of attack.

• Patches of lawn will go straw coloured.

• The spores can spread so limit lawn maintenance to mowing and feeding.

What to do about it:

• Fertiliser is the main defence, promoting growth so that fungal damage gets mown out relatively quickly.

• If you’ve recently received a treatment with our slow release granular fertiliser your lawn should be green and prepared but, depending on the severity of the outbreak, further help may be required.

• If your lawn has not recently been treated, your Nutrilawn Greenkeeper will notice the pathogen and apply treatment at the higher rate to help repair leaf damage.

• However, Fertiliser alone will not provide sufficient nitrogen to stop the pathogen in it’s tracks. An application of fungicide – available from us – will stop the pathogen from spreading. A second application may be necessary depending on the severity.

Other things that reduce severity:

• Remove clippings after mowing.

• Water deeply and infrequently only if conditions are dry.

• Do NOT water in the evenings.

• DO NOT rake or scarify the lawn as you will increase damage and spread the fungus!

• Once the disease has ceased activity – usually August or September, Aeration and possibly scarification will help to improve drying and remove thatch that harbours fungal spores.

Our Autumn/Winter Treatment will also help.