Silver jewelry and sculptures by Oļegs Auzers

Oļegs Auzers gives lecture about silver application in medicine. October, 2018, Limbaži.

Oļegs Auzers gives lecture about silver application in medicine at the Silver museum in Limbaži (Latvia, October, 2018).

Oļegs Auzers was born in Rīga in 1950.

He started doing creative work when he was six. His first major work was created in his preschool years and it was a wooden sailboat.

Wooden hand planer in silver

Wooden hand planer in silver symbolizes artist’s first steps into sculpting at his age of six.

At the age of 20, he started studying jewelry making at a jewelry factory. After a couple of years of training and graduation with a jeweller’s diploma, he worked at a jewelry shop where he learned a lot from old artisans and gained experience. He then went on to study at the Applied Arts Institute in Moscow. At the same time he became interested in Oriental medicine, philosophy and medical applications of silver.

Enriched by other cultures, his own scale of values was formed and it is reflected in his works. There is no better teacher than your environment, as it has everything —combinations of colors and shades, composition and proportions, believes O. Auzers.

Oļegs Auzers’s works were also highly valued by ex-President of Latvia Vaira Vīķe Freiberga who had ordered his pieces to represent Latvia during her presidency.

The artist’s contribution to culture is not only his students, but also his gifts to the House of Blackheads, Museum of the History of Rīga and Navigation, Limbaži Museum and the Swiss National Museum in Zurich.

Castle of the Future 3001

OLegs Auzers, Castle of the Future 3001, Silver (Ag 925), 30 kg, 150 x 60 x 55cm

Oļegs Auzers, Castle of the Future 3001, (2001); Material: Silver (Ag 925); Weight: 30 kg; Dimensions:  150 x 60 x 55 cm; Technique: forging, casting, soldering, engraving and metalplastic.

The idea of “The Castle of the Future 3001” is the natural desire of a modern human to survive.

In today’s society there are language barriers, intolerance of religious views, selfishness, cruelty, which divide and threaten our children. However, the main factor that puts into question the survival of tomorrow – low ethical and moral condition. People are not threaten by the economic slowdown, nor by a threat of war, nor by overpopulation. Poor spiritual development of a human being does not allow us to live in accordance with our conscience and the environment.

Anxiety, fear of future, economic dependency contributes to the manifestation of our symptoms of aggression towards others. Antagonism and fear are the main emotions that lurk behind the mask of social courtesy. Corruption is a way of self-expression of people suffering from inferiority complex. Alcoholism and drug addiction is a cover for crime. The cult of property and possession has deeply established in our world. The faster is the technological progress, the poorer is the ethical condition. Spiritual development is not compatible with the accumulation of wealth. The only thing that can hold us “afloat” is the human ability to perceive the aesthetics and the artistry.

Therefore, this castle of silver is a symbol of future survival. In order to ensure that our children can live on this planet, religious beliefs, languages, racial diversity should only remain as the cultural heritage of different nations. High morals and thousands of proven values will be an integral part of every human being.

Love and Hate

Oļegs Auzers, Love and Hate (2008), Silver - 925

Oļegs Auzers, Love and Hate (2008), Material: Silver (Ag 925), Dimensions: 123 x 60 x 55 cm; Technique: forging, casting, soldering, engraving and metalplastic.

Of all passions love is the most praised one. We all have passed through the enjoyment of love to the tortures of disillusionment and frustration. It can be the passion for another human being, for angling, hunting, music or art. We create in our fantasies new images of enjoyment with objects of our love. However, the reality is different. We try to change the situation in our favor but we fail.

Fear, jealousy and hatred overwhelm us as soon as we start to fail. Only anger and hate remains. We can observe the scenes when a mother is unable to handle her child, shouts at it, and finally beats it.

A man being out of his mind due to paranoid love spills the acid on his beloved. We can continue the list. More people have died from such emotions than in all wars taken together.

Love and hate are two sides of one metal.



Garden of Eden: Cain and Abel

Another artwork of nature and floral theme in 15 kg of silver by Oļegs Auzers.




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