Illustration like a screenshot of a movie

Self-exploratory painting Mr.CottageBack by artist Bram Lee from Malaysia

Self-exploratory painting Mr. CottageBack by artist Bram Lee from Malaysia

Mr. CottageBack the beautiful piece of art

was made by an artist from Malaysia the Bram Lee Chin Horng. Look above what he says about his artwork:

A self-exploratory painting I hav done during Lunar New Year holiday. I thought about my own painting style for a very long time and talked with a few artist friends about an artist’s own identity and in the end I realised that I really enjoying doing fantastic and whimsical theme more compares to the other genre. But of course I will still try things out.

Anyway, I used alot of texture and picture in this painting, my goal was to make it look like a screenshot of a movie. Took me a day to paint this and months to figure out my path 🙂

Hope you guys enjoy this. Thanks.

You can find more of Bram Lee’s on his Deviant Art profile.

Digital art by Bram Lee - Mr Cottage Back

Digital art by Bram Lee – Mr Cottage Back

Review of digital artwork – Mr. CaottageBack

by Veronica Purpura from Anaheim, USA

Wow, I love all your variations in textures and foliage. Is there some matte painting here in terms of these beautiful details with the ground, leaves, and small plant-life?

This little guy’s home is reminescent of a hobbit home (just need a round door). I do like the rainbow colors you got with the little butterflies (all of your vibrant colors used add life to this pretty landscape).

The grassy covered home is really cool, and I like how you rendered the tortise (especially the scaling of the legs). I’m not sure why the clouds are making those swirly shapes, but I bet that cloud watching there is more fun (I already see a genie lamp, a heart and a Tim Burton curl).

I love the mushrooms on the back side of the little home, and I love how you did the walkway in front of the door (although I don’t like the big top mushroom as much, the lighting and shading is more, blah, compared to the others).

This piece is a blast to look through and see all of the various details you added and the colors and textures you’ve done. It’s a very lovely piece, and if I had more time right now, I’d keep talking about it (I love this kind of detailed work). Keep it up. Great job.