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3 diverse techniques that add depth in your artwork.

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Featuring: Jen Siviers, Sarah Brown & Theo Riviere

Jen Siviers’ work is instantly recognisable: expressive, abstract masterpieces in acrylic paint, using PERSPEX® clear acrylic as a transparent canvas.

A collection of abstract shapes and strokes within each piece aims to express joy, vitality and movement through the use of many bright, contemporary colours. Jen takes advantage of each colour owning a diverse texture and consistency; combined with the transparency of PERSPEX® acrylic, this highlights increased depth in each piece. Jen applies this technique in her portrait work too, creating a mood that represents each character she features. Her inspiration originates from her upbringing in South Africa, but also captures diverse cultures from across the world including Indonesia and Mexico, as well as her current location: New Zealand.

‘St Pancras’ by Sarah Brown, depicts a romantic scene near the Eurostar platform, London.

PERSPEX® acrylic is the ideal material to add depth within this piece. By using a PERSPEX® Transparent in a subtle grey, each 3mm layer added creates a stronger shade of colour; reinforcing the illusion of distance in specific areas. A high level of detail has been engraved onto each layer too, then uniform cut by Artisan Model Makers and held in place using aligned holes with small pins to allow neat stacking of the built-up areas. The piece has the potential to be up-scaled for wall art or abstract dividing screens in a commercial setting. For further information, please visit Sarah’s website.

Theo Riviere uses PERSPEX® acrylic off-cuts to explore the relationship and juxtaposition between the texture and finish of architectural material compositions. His work focusses on interior design with a delicate style to material pairings, and an interest in exploring pattern through a variety of considered processes.

The project ‘Material Poetry’ is extraordinary; Theo uses Cork and plywood laminated together in a block with strips of PERSPEX® Glass-Look 6T21 embedded to form a contrast. Each ornament has been hand-turned on a wood lathe, then sanded and buffed to ensure the high gloss quality finish on each PERSPEX® acrylic edge, producing an object with infinite variations of pattern in three dimensions.