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Le tableau - The Painting - Animation Movie, 2011Searching the internet I’ve got on a beautiful movie coming out of the painting. The Painting is amazing and definitely goes to my must see list. Take a minute to look at this animation film art.

Clayton Davis @ says:

Le Tableau 

feels like Toy Story if it had been directed by Terrence Malick in an Italian opera that was written by William Shakespeare. It’s so profound and moving that your heart fills to the brim with adoration and marvel. Jean-François Laguionie and co-writer Anik Leray treat the viewers with respect, never being fearful to ask the tough questions and not play us as if we’re all adolescents. The Painting challenges the inner-child in all of us to grow up. The depiction of Venice alone with orange, yellows and the brightest colors you can think of is one of the finest creations of the year.

Animation art movie - le tableau_The painting_2011

The Painting

tells the story of a world unlike any other, a painting on a wall in a painter’s home. There are three types of figures living inside the painting: “Alldunns” are figures that have been completely drawn with color and precision, that live in a castle and have declared themselves superior beings in the wake of the painter’s absence. “Halfies” are figures that were left incomplete in color who have been barred from entering the castle. And living in the outer woods near the border of the frame are the “Sketchies”, rough outlines of beings that are hunted by the Alldunns for mere sport.

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Short fragment of The Painting wach below.


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